When both body and mind are at peace,
all things appear as they are;
perfect, complete, lacking nothing.

 Zen Master Dogen (1200-1253)

Welcome to the Oxford Zen Centre. For those of you who have never practised Zen meditation before, it is a practice of focussing on the breath in silence to allow the mind and body to become still. Its many benefits include greater energy, clarity, peace, compassion and kindness.

The Oxford Zen Centre has one Sangha in two locations – in London, known as The Jizo Centre, under the direction of Zen Teacher John Gaynor and Assistant Teacher Meg Vaughan-Fowler, and in Oxford, called the Oxford Zen Centre under the direction of Zen Teacher Sandy Chubb and Assistant Teacher  Pete Wallis.

We sit together every week in either location and on regular retreats in the UK and Abroad.  You are very welcome if you want to join us in London or Oxford.