About Sanbo-Zen

“The fundamental position of the Sanbo-Zen is
to stand at the origin point of Buddhism
through the Dharma gate of Dogen Zenji” 

from the Sanbo Zen website…


Sanbo-Zen is a lay lineage of Zen practice founded in 1954 which combines its Soto heritage with a programme of Rinzai koan study (see here for history).  Its priority is the actual, direct experience of the True Self (kensho) – and its embodiment in daily life. This experience is not dependent on doctrine, ethnicity or religious background.

In 1970 the outstanding teacher Yamada Koun Roshi (1907-1989) became Abbot and in 1989 he was succeeded by Kubota Ji’un Roshi (1932- ). In 2004, Yamada Ryoun Roshi (1940 – ), the son of Yamada Koun Roshi, who started training with his father when he was 16, became the present Abbot. He is Zen Master of the San’un Zendo in Kamakura, Japan and also guides Zen practitioners in Tokyo. He holds an annual sesshin in North America and further weeks in other countries for the 60 authorized Sanbo Zen teachers and their senior students in Europe, North American, Australia and Asia. In 2015 he established Sanbo Zen International to strengthen this community and further spread the authentic practice of Zen.

The Sanbo-Zen Code of Conduct can be found here.

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